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Residents of Rolette React To The Charges Against Wootan

Residents of the small town of Rolette, are speaking out after violence struck so close to home.

Alexus Arthur has been covering the story and was in the court room where Ronald Wootan heard for the first time that he could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

"It's just scary to know that it could happen that close to your home," said Sherry Peltier, Resident.

Early Tuesday morning a woman called 911 saying Wootan was making threats and had a firearm. After the woman and a child made it out of the area safely- it became a stand off situation between Wootan and lw enforcement. After Wootan was arrested Tuesday, rumors swirled in the small community that an individual had been killed but there was no confirmation from law enforcement or the state's attorney.

"They should let people know right away," said Stanley Peltier, From Rolette.

KX made continuous calls to law enforcement and the state's attorney office - but no response was given, beyond saying no was injured during the standoff.

"Who's to say they aren't respecting the families wishes. I mean that's a big part too and I think that like the city of Rolette should've been aware that there was a shooter out," said Sherry.

In court Wednesday the state began to build their case against Wootan. That is where information was released that Wootan is accused of murdering Jame Poshant with a gun.

"He worked at the school as a janitor," said Sherry.

"I was terrified because knowing that I knew them, it was scary. I didn't want to go to bed last night," said Maddison Peltier, 16 Years Old.

KX News again asked for information from the Rolette County state's attorney. He then released a statement saying "it should be emphasized that this did not occur at any time while law enforcement officers and agents were present during the initial response to the residence."

"I can't believe it's gotten this bad," said Stanley.

Wootan will appear in court in late October to enter is plea. 

Wootan has no prior criminal history in the state of North Dakota before today's charges.

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