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Don't feel like cooking? Schatz Crossroads has got you covered

While many people cook to enjoy a homemade Thanksgiving meal, there sure is a good amount of time, effort, and money that goes into doing that.

"On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm here at Schatz Crossroads, which might look like a truck stop, and that's because it is. But on the inside, there's a whole lot more."

As manager Joann Strobel says,  "it's family day."

The family day that is Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year.

"It's just like family, it's just not in your living room," Strobel said.

Some customers brought their families to the restaurant to share the Schatz experience that they've come to love.

"I have a bunch of lawyer friends and we come together every Tuesday, it's truck stop Tuesday. It's a tradition. It's always a good place to come," Mark Rasmuson said.

Another customer, Greg Leonard, said, "I always get the 109, even if it's Thanksgiving."

Whether it's turkey, or the 109 with eggs, sausage and toast, others said the convenience and tasty food is all they need to have a happy Thanksgiving.

"Neither of us have family here, it's just the two of us. So it's cheaper doing this than going anywhere else," Brandee Schmidt said.

Karla Jan said, "It was just an easier choice, just an easy choice, a lot of good food and then we can go visit, so it's a good day."

And for the people who make it all possible, such as Strobel, she said, "This is like my second home. So even though I'm not home with my children--my family--this is also my family."

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