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A Bill That Could Help North Dakota Infrastructure Projects

Operation Prairie Dog

Although we are still in the election mode, state leaders are already making plans for the upcoming legislative session which starts in January.

The bill, 'Operation Prairie Dog' has been drafted and it looks to spread oil money beyond oil producing counties.

The bill proposes to use tax dollars from teh oil and gas industry to invest back into the infrastructure across the state.

According to Representative Mike Nathe, currently oil tax dollars are used to fund cities, counties, and schools in the oil patch - but Nathe says it's time to build beyond the oil patch.

"It is our goal that we kick this bill up before cross over before the mid-point of the legislative session. So, we want to get this out there and out there quick so the cities and counties can start planning their needs as we go forward," said Mike Nathe, District 30 State Representative.

If the bill does pass, Nathe says that the money wouldn't start being collected in full until the fall of 2020.

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