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Trinity high school kicks off annual food drive

In Dickinson, ND one high school's holiday food drive is so intense, they can practically hold a concert for it.

"The whole stage is filled. It's amazing to just look up there see all that food filling the stage," said Carter Ehlis Trinity High School freshman and student council member.

The student council food drive has been going strong at Trinity High School since 1961, and they don't fool around.

Students said the annual food drive brings in enough donated food to fill the entire stage of the high school auditorium.

The food drive started this week and lasts through December 21, before the students get out for Christmas break.

Each week, the students and staff focus on a specific item, and this week it's boxed foods.

The following weeks will be canned food items and toiletries.

People who wish to donate an item can place it underneath one of the Christmas trees at Trinity High School.

Ehlis said there are about twelve trees set up around the school.

The student council member also like to see the donated items wrapped, so the people they are giving them to feel like they are getting a gift for the holidays.

Trinity High School senior and student council president Lexi Andres said the items collected will go to Dickinson's Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center and the Dorcas Society.

"We want to give back to the community, because we are so fortunate to have what we have. . . ," said Andres.

Ehlis and Andres also said the high school will be starting Jug Wars next week, which is an event between classes to see who can raise the most money for charity.



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