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Smokey Air in North Dakota From Western Fires

If you've noticed your throat feeling a little scratchy today, it's most likely a result of all the smoke in the air. The smoke is coming from British Columbia fires, California fires, and other blazes, currently burning, up and down the west coast.

You can see on this map nearly all of central and western North Dakota has less than good air quality. 
The yellow indicates some pollutants.

There may be a moderate health concern for people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. The orange on the map indicates "unhealthy for sensitive groups" such as the elderly or those with asthma. Earlier today, the map showed red, meaning regardless of medical conditions, you could have negative health effects caused by the air. We spoke with a doctor on how you can stay healthy under these poor air quality conditions.

Anthony Tello; Internal Medicine Critical Care Specialist: "Number one, limit the time outdoors, number two, if you have to go outdoors, and you have a sensitivity to smoke, wear a mask. But try and limit your time outside."

Tello says the best way to avoid negative health effects from the smoke-- is to not go outdoors all together. If you are having trouble breathing, go see your doctor.

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