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School bus accident in Dickinson

Around 3:25pm a minivan got into an accident with a school bus on the North end of Dickinson,ND by Peace Lutheran Church.

According to the Dickinson Police Department a minivan was traveling east on 21st Street, and a school bus was traveling west on the street at the same time.

The driver of the minivan moved into the left turn lane toward Prairie Oak Drive and veered too far into the school bus's lane.

The two vehicles collided, causing enough damage to have both towed away.

The minivan's front end was destroyed, and the school bus's rear axle was broken.

The car's airbag deployed, and the driver was rushed to a hospital.

The school bus was carrying three children at the time of the accident, but none of the children, as well as, the bus driver were hurt.

Four Dickinson Police officers and one Stark County Sheriff Deputy were dispatched to the scene, as well as, two Dickinson Fire Department crews who assisted in removing the driver of the minivan from the vehicle. 

The police department said the accident is still under investigation at this time.


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