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Movie Filmed in North Dakota to Premiere Soon

Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Bielinski made his way to North Dakota just a few years ago for a family trip.
Little did he know, when he got here, he would decide to stick around, and make a series of short films centered around the state that he says he fell in love with.

His latest, "The Badlands Girl" will be released next week in select theaters in the state.
Actors from as far as New York traveled to the Badlands to be a part of this short film -
It's set in 1895, and tells the story of a frontier woman caught in a love triangle between a cowboy and a rancher.

"This film is very uniquely North Dakotan. It captures the beauty of the Badlands, it's the first period western film ever shot in the North Dakota badlands, and it embraces western culture, which is something that's so much a part of North Dakota," says Daniel Bielinski, Producer, Writer, Filmmaker.

The Badlands girl will premier at the Grand Theater in Bismarck next Wednesday and Thursday.

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