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Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Program inspire Teen to Start a Business

Just this summer, one high schooler has raised 5,000 dollars for her college tuition-- through her own business. As Malique Rankin reports, it's also thanks to help from a new program teaching high schoolers entrepreneurial skills.

Sunshine and Mo is Morgan Salwei's business, where she makes and sells sweet treats and decor.

Morgan Salwei; rising junior: "We have homemade jellies, we have crafts, I sew and paint, and I bake famous caramel rolls."

She's taking all her profit and setting it aside for college.
While she doesn't quite know what career she'll pursue yet, she's paving the way to success now.

Morgan Salwei; rising junior: "I don't know, I just want to have a plan for college so I'm not in so much debt and so it's easier."

This fall, Morgan with be a junior here at St. Mary's High School. And it's thanks to the Junior Achievement entrepreneurship program that her business got off the ground.

The entrepreneurial program kicked off last year. Teachers can volunteer their classrooms to have community members share their entrepreneurial experience. John Berger is a volunteer teacher who works at Andeavor Refinery as an Asset Manager.

John Berger; Asset manager for Andeavor logistics: "In my role, I get involved in all aspects of the business and continuous improvement, something we really focus and stress. Trying to find new and different ways to increase revenue, looking at costs, how to we increase engagement of our employees."

Morgan Salwei; rising junior:  "They really taught us what we needed to do in order to start a business. Like the first step, figuring out what you want to do, the business plan."

The skills Morgan learned through the entrepreneurship program have given her the tools to succeed, outside of the classroom.

If you're a Bismarck teacher interested in getting your classroom involved in Junior Achievement, or a professional wanting to be a volunteer teacher for the program, you can contact Erin Oban at or 701-955-3188. 

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