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How the Jet Stream is Impacting this Week's Weather

This weekend may have been a chilly one if you were outside watching a football game or just taking a walk, but this upcoming week will have warmer temperatures as there is a scientific explanation behind it. 

Over this past weekend temperatures were in the 40s and 50s and winds were gusting near 30 mph, but there is a change ahead and it is all in the jet stream.

The jet stream is a narrow band of strong winds that goes around the entire world in the upper atmosphere. You can see the colored bands move from west to east. It actually strengthens in the winter months and moves further south, just one reason why temperatures get to be freezing in the fall and winter. It often divides warm and cool air.

Over North Dakota, there was a dip in the jet stream as shown with the solid black lines, letting cool air fill in. As Tuesday approaches, the jet stream will move north, called a ridge, allowing for above average temperatures to move in for mid October.

A few days this week will have temperatures in the 70s and it all because of the jet stream. 

As the winter months approach the jet stream will continue to dip further south bringing in the North Dakota winter.

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