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Farmers Want Better Crop Insurance Through New Farm Bill

Farmers continue to watch and wait to see if this years farm bill will pass on time.

Candidate for U.S. House Mac Schneider sat down with local farmers and ranchers in Saint Anthony to hear what changes they want to see Congress make. Our Malique Rankin was there, and says the farm bill was a dominating topic.

As fall harvest nears, farmers are recovering from last summer's drought.

Woody Barth; Solen Farmer and Rancher: "The importance of crop insurance, and I think Mac understands that is, to make sure there's a safety net for family farmers and ranchers. If some obstacles prevent that plant from being at a good price or having good production, that crop insurance steps in and fills in the gaps.."

The current Farm Bill expires September 30, Mac Schneider won't have a hand in drafting the new farm bill but he says in his run for Congress it's important to understand concerns firsthand from those he'd help serve.

Mac Schneider; Candidate for House: "We need a strong crop insurance program, and really the democrats and republicans need to set politics aside. Find a farm bill that works. I wish these conferees well as they go in to conference We need a farm bill that works for ND and we need it to be passed on time."

With farmers facing lower commodity prices, a change they say they need to see in the farm bill is better crop insurance programs.

Woody Barth; Solen Farmer and Rancher: "I think our biggest obstacle right now is we go into this fall harvest is the price. The price of all our commodities right now are at a low level. They're at below-profitable rates right now."

Farmers at this roundtable pointed to recent tariffs put in place by the Trump administration.. driving prices even lower.

Mac Schneider; Candidate for House: "I think going forward, we need to make sure congress has a say in terms of whether these tariffs come on in the first place. If the administration is going to invoke national security as grounds for tariffs and starting a trade war, congress should get an up or down vote."

I also reached out to Kelly Armstrong, the republican candidate for House. 
He says.. "I saw firsthand how important crop insurance is to our North Dakota producers...It is vitally important to have the farm bill passed before the deadline."

The deadline for the farm bill is September 30th, all three North Dakota Congressmen are conferees for the bill. Other concerns today included the country of origin labeling of beef.

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