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Bismarck Police Department's K-9 Unit Meets Biggest Fans

Bismarck - For their nine to five, the Bismarck Police Department K-9 Unit works to protect and serve.

But this weekend, the three officers spent some time off the clock and in the spotlight.

This dog has a job to do but today she's showing off.

On the street, Bala, Mesa, and Luna make up the Bismarck Police Department's K-9 Unit, tracking, taking down, and sniffing out crime.

"Their first main job is going to be the narcotic detection, so they're trained to detect marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine and they're also apprehension dogs," Joseph Banke, Bismarck Police Department K-9 handler says.

But on this day, a curious public got to see their local heroes up close and even give a small token of their appreciation.

"I'm here today to give a cop dog this [necklace]," Adeline Schwab, Mandan resident says.

Some were inspired to dress the part.

"What are you wearing today? My cop shirt!" Adeline says.

The crowd asked questions and played catch with their favorite canine officers.

"It's pretty awesome, the support of the public, you can see already the place is packed," Banke says.

Showing these pups' softer side.

"They're not just the brute, the bite dog that everybody thinks they are, the attack dog. They're nice; they're friendly; they're sociable," Banke says.

Inspiring the next generation to wear blue.

"I really like German Shepherds and I want to be a police dog trainer when I am older," Kassidi Monroe, Bismarck resident says.

It's all in a day's work for these dogs on the job.

"What do you want to be when you grow up? A police [officer]!" Adeline says.

The Bismarck Police Department's 2018 K-9 Calendars are available now at KT Animal Supply with all proceeds going to support the BPD K-9 program.

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