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"We never saw God work in our lives in a way like he did when we took adoption."

Its National Adoption Month and Burleigh County has over 120 kids in need of a home which is up from last year.

The problem is  the county only has 53 foster homes available. Burleigh County Social Service Agency Director, Kim Osadchuk, says not only is there 120 kids in foster care in Burleigh County alone, but there are 23 kids that have been TPR which means their parents rights have been terminated completely.

These children will most likely never go back to their original homes and they're fully ready for adoption.
got to speak with a family recently went through the whole adoption process.

Josh and Jenaye Skjoldal adopted their adorable little girl this past January.

They say that they had always wanted to adopt a child even after giving birth to their first one.
And after a second attempt at having a child that didn't go as planned,  they started looking into adoption.

"When we both decided to adopt I was 100 percent ready to do it. I was not. Josh was not," says Josh and Jenaye. 

Josh says he always wanted to adopt but he didn't expect to so soon.
"It kinda scared me that with foster care not knowing how long you would have a child but with adoption not knowing the relationship and what the cost was going to be."
Josh and Jenaye says while they were scared at first, the help of their adoption agency, family, and friends made it a lot easier.
"I think part of that is what is adoption all about. Is it actually about what we want and a comfortable process for us or is it about going out and helping a child in need and that what helped us I think move through some of those fears," says Josh.
They decided to do an open adoption. Seven months later Jenaye says she can remember the first time she saw Lily. 
"We walked in and I just remember her birth dad holding her and we just walked up," says Jenaye. "He just stood up and it was just this moment where he handed her over to us and uhh--- it was just really overwhelming."
They say they still want Lily's biological family to be apart of her life. And they stay in touch with them regularly.
"In this process we thought we would want a birth family that didn't care that just wanted to give us a baby and walk away. And that is farther from the truth now. We care so much about them," says Jenaye.
They offer some advice for parents who are looking into adoption.
Josh says, "My first thought was I was the scared one, I had all these hesitations, I was worried about the money but now with having Lily I would do it all over again a hundred times. As scary and painful and awkward and all those things that it was I would do it again. And secondly we never saw God work in our lives in a way like he did when we took adoption."
They also wanted to make it clear that they didn't just adopt because they were struggling with having another child. They want people to know that if you can still have children adoption should still be an option. 
North Dakota has over 1,500 children in foster care and 235 of those children are TPR cases. For more information about adoption and foster care click here. 

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