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Heidi Werosta

Heidi Werosta was born and raised in New Jersey and is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in meteorology and a minor in geography. While at Rutgers, Heidi participated in WeatherWatchers and gave weekly forecasts that were shown all across the campus.

She grew up wanting to be a meteorologist and has borne witness of many nor'easters including Superstorm Sandy in 2012. This particular weather event inspired Heidi to become a meteorologist even more because she spent her summers at the Jersey Shore and hearing and seeing all the beaches destroyed in the aftermath really made her realize what a storm’s physical impact actually is.

In her free time, Heidi likes to hang out with friends and see what North Dakota has to offer, including Theodore Roosevelt National Park. She also likes to cook whether on the stove or on the grill. She hopes to one day try cross country skiing because that is something she wasn’t able to do in New Jersey.

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