Women's College BBall: Pederson's goal for players to have success post-career

Bismarck State women's basketball is now in the Marv Pedersen era, and the players who were on the team last year have noticed a definite change in team philosophy.

"Our defense is going to be more really uptight," Nicole Bunting said. "A lot of man-to-man."

It's a high-energy style that was a staple of Pedersen's during his time at Mandan High.

"We're going to get up and down the court," Pederson said. "We're going to play 94-feet of defense, right when they get the ball inbounds."

And the changes aren't just limited to the defensive side of the ball.

"We're looking to not really shoot the three right away, to slow it down and look inside," Bunting said.

And while those changes are being made on the court, Pedersen has also made sure to stress teambuilding off the court.

"Pizza and stuff like that, watch the Lynx game," Pedersen said. "And the the other night we gave them the night off on Wednesday, and they went to Sky Zone together. Basketball is fun, don't get me wrong, but getting to know people and developing those friendships are huge."

And so is building a program that will develop players for the next level.

"My goal is for when the kids leave to have a good basketball knowledge," Pedersen said, "so if they want to go on to the next level, coaches will be able to pick them up and then say, 'Hey, that's a Mystic. I want those kids to come play for me.'"

All that can't happen overnight, but its a goal worth shooting for.

The Mystics seek their first win of the season this Friday against Presentation College at 6 p.m.

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