Women's College Basketball: Lewis assembled DSU roster in 2 months

When Liz Lewis accepted the DSU women's basketball coaching job this summer, she had a tall order: put together almost an entire roster in just two months.

"I really got on the horn," Lewis said, "emailing and talking to people, and we were able to put a good squad together."

But in the early days, it wasn't so much a team as it was a bunch of strangers.

"We have ten brand-new players and we never met each other," Riley Helmick said. "And there's not a returner on the court this year, which is kind of sad. But it's a good opportunity for the rest of us to show who we are."

And they quickly found out that who they are is an energetic group.

"All of our personalities collide, "Karen Hopkins said. "We're all goofy and just -- we like to get feisty out here somewhat, but at the end of the day we're all still cool."

Lewis says their motion offense has shown the most signs of improvement.

"When we played [University of Mary] a couple weeks ago it started to really come together and look good," Lewis said. "It's a huge compliment that they had to go zone on us in the first quarter because we were scoring very well out of it."

Of course, Lewis says there's still plenty of work to do overall.

"We've had some moments where you can tell that it's getting there," Lewis said, "but then we've also had moments where you can tell it's not quite there yet."

But for a program that was basically empty a few months ago, it's a start.

On Dec. 8, the Blue Hawks play at home against Viterbo.

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