Marauder Player Hits Milestone

By Jim Olson |

Published 12/31 2016 08:57PM

Updated 01/02 2017 03:28PM

One University of Mary athlete has always had one passion.
What started at a very young age -- first grade, to now his senior year of college. 
Dustin Le explains Bryan Jefferson's love for the game of basketball. 
"It was always basketball, that's the only thing I was good at. I was the tall skinny kid, that's the only thing I was good at was basketball."
Jefferson recently hit a milestone not many basketball players can say they've reached.  
1000 career points at the collegiate level.
"I knew I was pretty close but I wasn't aware of it and it wasn't on my mind playing in the game. And then I know like after the game, that's when I was made aware of me getting 1000 points." "My mom texts me after every game so when I opened up her texts after the game, that's when I realized that I got a 1000."
Jefferson's love for basketball started at a young age, and he thanks his parents for that.
"I know for one Christmas when I was little, they got a basketball hoop. Just me and my brother used to go at it all the time so that's kind of like...they put the ball in our hands both of them did and then we just ran with it."
Moving to North Dakota from Illinois stretched Jefferson. 
He says while on his own he realized the importance of not only believing in yourself but spreading that confidence to others. 
"To me, I think it's just having trust in your teammates and then gaining a confidence within yourself....."
"If you don't have confidence in yourself, you're going to hold yourself back rather than move yourself forward."
For KX Sports, I'm Dustin Le. 
Now Bryan tells us that his plan after college basketball is to either do something with his major in Marketing or play somewhere professionally.

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