Inside the Den: Boyce not letting disability hinder passion for Bobcats

Jeremiah Boyce loves sports, perhaps none more than Bobcats hockey. And while his cerebral palsy might keep him off the ice, Jeremiah found a way to keep up with his Bobcats: by starting a sports blog.

"I started it in 2006," Boyce said.

Boyce goes to a team practice every week practice and gets an interview or two.

"I don't think there's a Wednesday that he's not here and wants to talk to a player or the coaching staff," Bobcats head coach Layne Sedevie said.

The coaches say he'll ask the tough questions.

"I think sometimes he's blunt and to the point and wants to know what's going on. I know he is with me," Sedevie said.

Take this example. I asked him if the Bobcats would finish with a good season.

"If they can quit messing around," Boyce said.

And once he's satisfied with his material, Jeremiah and his assistant Randy McCabe will sit down to write.

"I will do the typing and Jeremiah interprets to me what he wants to say and everything," said McCabe.

McCabe says to be alongside Jeremiah each practice a thrill of its own.

"Being able to work with Jeremiah and see that smile on his face and how enthused he is--I mean when I got to work today he was already wound up," he said.

And that excitement impresses the Bobcats too.

"I think if our guys played with as much passion as he has for this team, I don't think we'd lose a game.," Sedevie said.

Jeremiah also writes about football and basketball on his blog.

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