HS Volleyball: Larson enjoying the perks of home school

Since senior Liz Larson's takes classes at home, her days are different from her teammates.

"I'd say that I get a little more sleep than they do," Larson said.

Liz's wakes up at 8 a.m., while her teammates are in class at that time. She finishes no later than 2 p.m. and her teammates don't finish until 3:30 p.m, which is when practices starts.

"I kind of just do school throughout the day and whenever I have time," Larson said. "I also don't have homework, which is nice."

If Liz wanted to compete at a BPS school, she would play for Legacy because she lives in their district. In order to play for Shiloh Christian, the school requires she take one class.

"The rule changed," Larson said. "You have to be in enrolled in a class. So, I take choir at Shiloh."

As far as handling a team when all the players are not on campus, co-head coach Lisa Wingerter said she hasn't experience any problems.

"We stay in contact with our players through text message and email," Wingerter said.

And Coach Wingerter says the game provides Liz a different social network.

"It gives her an outlet to meet other people," Wingerter said, "and to play with a group and communicate. And just to have fun with some people that she's not use to being around every day."

And Liz has no complaints.

"It's definitely different from going to school here," Larson said, "but I really like it."

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