HS FBall: Coaching experience pays off for St. Mary's

St. Mary's head coach Dan Smrekar has a special bond with his assistants.

"It's a great advantage," Smrekar said. "Not only the experience, but having coaches together for a while."

Smrekar and his crew have only been together for two years, but Smrekar's been with some assistants for more than 25 years.

"Toby Schweitzer played for us," Smrekar said. "Now, he's coached with us for 26 years. We're best friends, and Roger and I are best friends."

Roger Haug and Toby Schweitzer have been with Smrekar the longest, so they are more willing to disagree. Haug said it helps when egos don't get in the way.

"He and I get along pretty good together," Haug said. "We argue a lot, but we always end up on the same page."

So who wins the disagreements?

"He's the head coach," Haug said. "He has the final say."

But there are also young coaches on the staff. Tanner Harris is 26 years old and the quarterbacks coach.

"I definitely do more listening that talking in our meetings, that's for sure," Harris said. "I'm smart enough to know when I should just be quiet and listen."

But regardless of age, every coach is encouraged to speak up.

"It's a great relationship that we all have," Harris said. "Everyone is confident enough to know that they can voice their opinions. The other coaches want them to."

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