HS FBall: Coaching a tradition for the Breitbach family

For the Breitbach family, coaching isn't just an activity on the side. It's a tradition.

Father Rod has been defensive coordinator at Century since 2000, while his son Jon is in his third year as Legacy's offensive coordinator.

The two share a similar pathway to the coaching profession.

"I played college football at Dickinson State," Rod said, "as did my son."

And Jon knew early on that he was going to follow in his dad's footsteps.

"He knew in college that he wanted to go into education," Rod said. "He wanted to coach."

So after his playing days, Jon joined his dad at his alma mater, Century. While Rod was coordinating the varsity defense, Jon was coaching in the sub-varsity levels. But when Legacy formed its program several years ago, Sabers coach Chris Clements invited the son to leave dad.

"Jon said," Rod said,"'Dad, Clem asked me to to go, and I said yes.'"

"He wanted to make sure that I was at a place I felt like I could grow," Jon said. "That was the toughest decision, to move away from him. I really enjoyed coaching with him. I do miss that part of it, but I like what we've built here and the family we've built here."

Jon says he learned a lot from his dad before branching off to Legacy.

"The way he teaches the defense has allowed me to understand where strengths and weaknesses of specific schemes are."

And when Century and Legacy play each other, you can bet it makes for fun family conversation.

"I know that our extended family pays attention to that game to make sure that--to see if the old guy is still on top or if the young guy gets to earn his stripes a little bit," Jon said.

But when the guys aren't holding clipboards and designing gameplans, they're your normal father-son duo.

"We talk at least once or twice a week," Rod said. "We still get out fishing or hunting once an while."

So they may be wearing different logos on Friday nights, but it's the family bond that matters most.

"He's doing a really great job with what he's doing at Legacy," Rod said. "I'm proud of him."

Dad has gotten the better of son all three times these teams have met.

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