Coll Wrestling: UMary's Tate Barnhardt develops mind in hopes of achieving All-American honors

Tate Barnhardt has dominated the matt in his first two seasons. The UMary wrestler has over 50 wins and is now looking for his next challenge. Tate wants to be an All-American, and the St. Mary's alum decided preparation away from the circle was his best choice.

"He's Mr. Consistent," UMary wrestling coach Adam Aho said, "in everything he does. Let's put it that way. Academically, he's a high achiever. He's got like a three-point-nine-something GPA."

Coach Adam Aho calls Tate Barnhardt "Mr. Consistent". Tate is coming off two, 25-win seasons. So with the physical part conquered, next Tate worked on a different area for growth.

"For me," Barnhardt said, "we've been working on the mentality and how I approach each match."

Tate was not going through the motions. The junior just did not have a clear, defined plan every time he prepared for an open or dual match.

"Not so much the technical side," Barnhardt said, "but just physically and mentally how I'm going to wrestle the seven minutes. Not just going out there to wrestle, but to actually have a plan when I wrestle."

The mental aspect is key for Tate and every athlete inside the circle. Wrestling emphasizes control and leverage. And sometimes, that doesn't start in the weight room, but begins in the mind.

"Making sure that I'm the one controlling the match," Barnhardt said, "and not letting them dictate what I do."

If the St. Mary's alum masters the mental aspect as well as he masters his opponents, this could be a very special year for Tate.

"We just have to get him over that hump at the end of the season as far as making the national tournament," Aho said. "I definitely believe that he's on a mission this year. There's a different look in his eye."

The next time we see Tate and the rest of the UMary men will be the first home match of the season. On Nov. 29, the Marauders host Concordia College.

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