Coll FBall: Oct. 18 Soarin' with the Blue Hawks

As an NAIA program, Dickinson State doesn't have close to the recruiting budget as North Dakota State, so they use their current players to recruiting potential players.

"What happens is," head coach Pete Stanton said, "they're familiar with some of the players on our team. They're comfortable coming to a place where their friends like it and that's where some of those guys are able to come in."

But Coach Pete Stanton doesn't just give out scholarships to players' friends, the coaching staff still performs their duo diligence.

"We evaluate them on film," Stanton said. "We watch them. We watch their background, but a lot of times they have a friend that's here or a cousin that's here or know someone that's here and they have that comfort level."

Coach Stanton knows that hearing current players talk about the program means more than hearing from coaches.

"Very much so," Stanton said. "It's very big. It says a lot about your program and your school that they are excited to be here and they are excited to have other players join them."

Once the players arrive on campus, the coaches use the players again to make sure they are adjusting to their new environment.

"We try to have our players help out," Stanton said. "Then, we check on them to make sure they are the right person for a our program."

Once they're on the team, keeping players is the next step.

"The big thing is not just getting them here," Stanton said, "but retain them. That's where we have had good luck is retaining our luck."

Dickinson State travels to Jamestown this Saturday for a game starting at noon.

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