Coll FBall: Oct. 11 Soarin' with the Blue Hawks

Tailgating is probably the most memorable part of any game day football experience. The wins and a losses fade over time, but the moments shared between friends and family last a lifetime. I spent a day at Dickinson State to learn why tailgating means so much to their fans.

As the music blares and Blue Hawk faithful get ready for what they hope is another win, Steve Perdue knows this routine well.

"Long time," Perdue said. "Twenty years maybe. Twenty-five years."

The DSU alum has seen a lot changes over the past two decades, but his love for the school remains steadfast.

"I'm a long time supporter of the Blue Hawks," Perdue said. "It's a great place to reacquaint yourself with people that you have known from years past and present."

And while Steve has 20 years under his belt, former Richardton-Taylor-Hebron coach Travis Olson just retired from coaching and is catching up on lost time. His favorite part is the Hawk walk.

"Fans don't see the kids other than with a helmet on," Olson said. "That's a chance to get a look at the kids and see who they and be able to recognize them."

At the tailgate zone you find food, drinks and even the game cornhole. There's also an opportunity to buy new Dickinson state gear.

"Our role is to have fun and interact with the parents," DSU Touchdown Club President Eric Boettcher said, "and try to get them involved in Blue Hawk football and Dickinson State."

Eric has full-time job, but also always makes time for the college that made him.

"I just feel like it's my time to give back to the university and Blue Hawk football," Boettcher said. "Me and my friends that are on the touchdown club board feel the same way."

The Blue Hawks have a big tailgate this weekend. As they prepare for their homecoming game against Waldorf.

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