Coll FBall: Nov. 1 Soarin' with the Blue Hawks

Karsten Mack Jr. and Deonte Dixon form a one-two running back punch for Dickinson State.

This is Dixon's first year on the team, and as soon as he got here, he knew the two of them would be a great pair.

"I was out here working out with the guys," Dixon said, "and [Karsten] just came out here, shook my hand, introduced himself. I already knew he was a guy that I was going to be able to talk to."

And a lot of their talk is evaluating each other's performances.

"If we see something that we're doing wrong," Mack said, "we point it out to each other."

Both guys are competing for the same job on the field, but their relationship is much more than a position battle.

"He kind of looks at me like an older brother and I kind of look at him like an older brother because that's just the expectation I have of that guy," Dixon said.

"Knowing he's a higher class than me," Mack said. "I look more to him towards guidance."

But like any brother relationship, there are bragging rights to be won.

"Recently he beat me at Madden [NFL 2018]," Mack said, "so we're going to have to settle that off the field."

On the field, they say their respective workloads can change week to week.

"It might be games where whoever's hot at the moment," Dixon said. "That's who'll get the majority of the carries. And then once your number's called, you just have to go in and do a great job."

But both guys agree that when one of them needs a breather, the other's going to fill in just fine.

"Either way," Mack said, "we're going to move the ball, no matter whichever one of us is in."

The dynamic duo has the week off, but they'll be back in action on Nov. 11 for their final home game of the regular season aganist Mayville State.

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