Coll FBall: 9/20 Soarin' with the Blue Hawks

For the VandeBossche family in Lusk Wyoming, playing football is like a family tradition.

"For the past 20 years, there's been a VandeBossche as part of the football program." senior Matt VandeBossche said.

Brothers Matt and Derick have played together for years, learning under their parents who were their coaches back home.

 And when older brother Matt left Wyoming for DSU, there was always the hope that the two would play together again.

"Behind the curtains I tried to push [Derick] to come here a little bit," Matt said. "Every time he came up to watch a football game, I took him out, have him meet the guys. I always had him on an unofficial recruiting trip when he came up."

Ultimately, Matt always told Derick to go where he'd be happy.

"I knew Dickinson was the best place for me because my brother was here and I knew I wouldn't get homesick," Derick said.

And now the two brothers help shut down the passing game as parts of the secondary, and they push each other to new heights every day.

"We want each other to be better," Matt said. "We want to be the best we can, and do good things for the secondary."

"We just kind of feed off each other," Derick said. "There's a connection there that you can't really have in other secondaries."

Matt is in his final season while Derick will have a couple more years of eligibility. So while their time as teammates may be winding down, the brothers agree that the snaps they've shared have been special.

"Being able to just communicate with him on a field is a blessing," Derick said.

DSU is at Mayville State on Sept. 23 at noon.

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