Coll FBall: 9/13 Soarin' with the Blue Hawks

After last weekend's 37-3 loss on the road, Dickinson State football knows it has to execute better.

"We were inside the 30-yard line seven times and had three points," head coach Pete Stanton said.

And the team will have plenty of time to work on better execution, as this is the team's bye week.

"It gives us a good chance to really get back to some of the fundamentals and some of the things we need to do better," Stanton said.

The players agree that the bye week will be beneficial, but at the same time, they wish it wasn't happening right now.

"I wish we had a game [this week]," senior Matt VandeBossche said. "Just to get right back out there and redeem yourselves. You know, just saying, 'Hey, that's not our football team. That's not what it is.'"

VandeBossche says the whole team is itching to get back on the field, including coach Stanton.

"After the game [Stanton] said, 'We wish you were playing Tuesday,'" VandeBossche said. "Just to get back out there and to keep playing."

But with a tough opponent on the horizon, the team is looking at the bigger picture.

"We want to get back out there, but we're going to capitalize on this bye week," VandeBossche said. "You know, get rested up, get our minds refocused up for the tail end of the season."

Because after all, one loss does not define a season.

The next game of DSU is Sept. 23 against Mayfield State.

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