BSC Basketball: Walter twins share special bond

BSC twin sophomores Jaycee and Jared Walter still aren't used to being at college together.

"We didn't go to the same high school, so it's definitely weird," Jaycee said. 

But BSC just happened to be the right fit for both.

"She signed on to play volleyball here, and then I signed on to play basketball, and it just ended up working out that we're both going to play basketball here," Jared said. 

But when you look at them, you wouldn't guess they're twins.

"We always make jokes, like when we go out to eat together and the waiter will slide him the bill, and I'm like 'Haha, they think we're on a date.' But we're just twins," Jaycee said. 

The two have a sense of humor whenever they're with each other.

"Someone to like goof around with, like when we're in the training room together. We're being sarcastic to each other, and goofing around," Jaycee said. "You can't joke around with other people like you can with your siblings."

And of course, those jokes can be at teach other's expense.

"We always say that he got all the height, but I got the brains," Jaycee laughed. 

But at the end of the day, their sibling bond strengthens them both.

Said Jared, "If I need help with something, she's here to help me. If I'm not liking something or whatever, I can always go to her."

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