St. Mary's Line Paves the Way

Published 08/23 2016 05:46PM

Updated 08/23 2016 05:46PM

Any quarterback or running back who makes it to the endzone is obviously thrilled for themselves. But you can make the case that the offensive line are just as happy. The big guys up front clear the way and for St. Mary's that will be a strength. Sam Harris and Ethan Birnbaum are entering into their senior seasons and to Sam, seeing his running back score is one of the best parts of the job.

"It's a good time, especially when it's a long run or it's an iso or they bounce it back. You know you did your job right and the backside is sealed and everything works together beautifully when he gets the TD. that's nice."
(Ethan Birnbaum, SM lineman)
"He says your backfield is only as good as your front line and I agree with that statement because if we don't make the holes, they'll get killed in the backfield. They're gonna get hit and we have to be the ones that block

The annual Catholic battle between St. Mary's and Shanley takes place this Friday kicking off the season in Fargo.

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