Soarin' with the Blue Hawks: 2016 Hall of Fame

By Jamie Council |

Published 10/20 2016 11:34PM

Updated 10/21 2016 01:40PM

Olympians have come and gone from Dickinson State, especially from the The 2004-2006 Blue Hawk Track and field team.
They were inducted into the Hall of Fame over the weekend for bringing three straight national titles to Dickinson. Jamie Council caught up with a few of the inductees about their time as a Blue Hawk.

(Jamie Council, KX Sports) While they may have left the university, the school records still stand from a few of the 2004-2006 track and field members.
"It's like it just happened yesterday. It's like we never left."
(Jamie Council, KX Sports) But walking back onto the campus and track, a lot has changed since 2006.
(Aaron Cleary, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) "I'm actually jealous they have such a nice facility."
(Francisco Rose, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) "Especially the facility. When we were here, we'd have to shovel snow off the track that was broken and its awesome looking at the facility. That's the biggest standout for me."
(Jamie Council, KX Sports) With the laundry list of awards, it's actually teammates that have the members racing back to Dickinson.
(Derrick Atkins, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) "I miss most of all, not just winning but being able to have your teammates around. We're kind of a family."
And more than a decade later, the time spend with their Blue Hawk family has shaped them into the DSU alum they are today.
(Trevor Berry, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) "It taught me a lot of values, a lot of life long lessons."
(Francisco Rose, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) "The work you put in is the work you get out, and that's how it transcends to growing up, being an adult, father, and husband and worker."
(Ross Walker, (Francisco Rose, 2016 DSU HOF Inductee) I'm absolutely honored to be a Dickinson State grad. There's no where I'd rather finished my career. I'm proud of where the college is now and I'm proud of graduating from this university."

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