WSC Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner For Students and Staff

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. But sometimes, you're not always able to make it back home for the holidays.

Which is one of the reasons why faculty, staff, and students at Williston State College gathered to celebrate an early Thanksgiving dinner together. 

"We have a lot of students who can't travel because of distance and cost. So it's a nice opportunity for them to not feel so alone," said Kim Weismann, associate professor of communication at WSC. 

For some of the students, the dinenr was the only opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving.

"My ride didn't work out to go back home for Thanksgiving so I got stuck here," said second year WSC student, Callaway Miller. 

"It's really nice actually. Especially for us students who don't have a whole lot to go to as far as families to go back to and stuff and it's really nice that they can host something for us," said second year WSC student Cameron Beyer. 

And while many were far from their home and families, they found something else to be grateful for.

'It's honestly amazing to have friends here to have dinner with. And I know it's not immediate family, but it's the college family," said Beyer. 

And that sense of having a college family is the main reason for hosting the event.

"I just think that this really shows Williston, where we talk about Williston State College is where the people make the difference and I think things like this really go and show that motto that we have," said Weismann. 

And while it may not have been the Thanksgiving they're used to, it was still a time to share, laugh, and of course, eat lots of pumpkin pie.

This is the second year WSC has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for students, staff, and faculty. 

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