Williston's South Grand Theatre Gets Grand New Look

A sign outside Williston's South Grand Theatre declares our screen talks.

"It was probably put in in the mid-1930s. Probably when they added speakers for the first time in the theater," says Grand Theatre owner and manager, Ryan Agnes. 

And if the walls of this nearly century-old theatre could talk, oh, the stories they would tell.

"There's a story about when they had a fire in the 90s. And the mom just felt like she needed to come check on her kids and was parked out front when the flames out a window. And was able to run inside and get the kids and warn everybody," says Robert Boyer, project superintendent with FCI Constructors. 

Agnes remembers that fire.  The theatre has been in his family for close to a quarter century.

"I just loved when I was a little kid coming downstairs. Cause we lived here, coming down to watch movies whenever I felt like it," says Agnes. 

And that's a tradition Agnes will be able to continue. Renovations are coming soon to the theater. And additions will include a new 50-seat theater as well as upstairs living quarters.

"My team had actually looked up a lot of the history and some older photos so that we could get colors and we could get some of the design characteristics that we were looking for today," says Mark Schneider, project architect with LJA.

A new, upgraded look to a classic part of the downtown community. 

"It's a great place to get away from everyday life and be entertained," says Agnes. 

And the plan is to keep people entertained for years to come. Because even though there have been countless movies played here, there are still many more stories left to tell.

Renovations at the South Grand Theater began in November. They are scheduled to be completed in March. The movie theater will remain open during that time. 

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