Traveling Student Art Show Ends Its Tour in Williston

The show will be at the James Memorial Art Center through January 31st

Artwork that will catch your eye. But what might grab your attention is the age of the artists. All students throughout the state from kindergarten through 12th grade. 8-year-old Hayden Krieger's work is appearing in the show for the second year. 


"I like screamed and then I ran down stairs and then I put my face in the pillow and then I screamed again," says Krieger of learning that she would be in the art show last year.


She says her reaction was pretty much the same this year. 


Krieger's creativity shines through in the title of her piece.


"Brain cells and cotton candy. Well, I like cotton candy and I'm really smart so I thought about brain cells too."


In total, a hundred pieces were selected for the show from the more than seven hundred entries received. Eight of those pieces were selected from Williston student artists. 


"I have a lot going on in my head and I like putting it down on paper. Whether it's feelings or just doing fantasy scenes," says Williston high school senior Matlock. 


Matlock's piece was inspired by a Norse myth.


"I don't like painting humans. I like painting creatures which is exemplified in my painting because the biggest piece is the snake."


For Matlock, art is a hobby and creative outlet. For Krieger, it could be a future career.


"I want to be a painter."


It would seem, though,  that she already is.


The student art show will be on display at the James Memorial Art Center in Williston through the end of this month. 


There will also be a reception held for the Williston area student artists this Friday.

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