Mom Shares Son's Story In Effort to Raise Awareness About Opioid Addiction

"Six years have gone by and it's still awful," says Sherri Knapp. 

Knapp's eighteen-year-old son Brit was two months out of high school and living in Washington when he was found dead in his bedroom. 

Hydrocodone and methadone, both opioid medications, were found in his system.

"It's the sickest feeling to know that something took your son in the blink of an eye out of this world," says Knapp.

Knapp's son was prescribed hydrocodone after suffering a foot injury. But Knapp believes he obtained methadone from a friend.

"For kids, who think it's cool to sit with their friends and somebody give them something and take it. They don't know what it's going to do to their friends and family," says Knapp. 

Now, Knapp has only photos and mementos left of the son who was once so full of life.

"I didn't want my son to die in vain," says Knapp. 

And that's why Knapp is sharing her story and speaking out about her desire to see more anti-drug programming within schools.

 According to a spokesperson with the state department of public instruction, there is no statewide curriculum for drug education and it's up to each individual school district to decide if and how to implement it.

In Williston's public school district one, drug and alcohol education is implemented in elementary schools through a combination of anti-drug programs, such as D.A.R.E., and participation in events like Red Ribbon week, a drug and alcohol prevention awareness campaign.

"The younger you start telling kids and putting that seed of growth about something in their mind, they learn and they see it," says Knapp. 

And Knapp hopes that by learning of Brit's story, other lives might be saved.

KXNews reached out to the Williston High School principal to request an on-camera interview about the school's drug prevention efforts. He declined. 

A request for information pertaining to how drug awareness is implemented at the school was not returned by the time this story was published.  

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