Miss North Dakota Shares Personal Story With Williston Youth

Macy Christianson spoke to kids about avoiding peer pressure.

"My mom always tells me the same thing Miss North Dakota tells me-to walk like a giant and shine like a star," says Jakorria Ward, a Bakken Elementary 6th Grader.
Behind the glitz and the glamor, there's always a story to tell. And at Bakken Elementary in Williston, Miss North Dakota, Macy Christianson, shared hers.
While underage, her brother made the decision to drive under the influence.
"One moment of giving into temptation. Giving into what all his friends were doing," Christianson told the students.
Her brother's experience likely influenced Christianson's platform as Miss North Dakota-
"You Decide the Road Ahead: Don't Drink and Drive." She urged the students to make their own decisions and to resist negative peer pressure.
Christianson spoke to the students on the exact same stage where she was crowned Miss North Dakota. This was her first time back since that pivotal moment. 
"I think my favorite part is the kids that come up to me after and they ask me really personal questions and sometimes it might be something they're going through," says Christianson. 
Students like Ward, who met Miss North Dakota once before. She felt inspired by the message and had a message of her own to share.
"I just want to tell anyone out there who's being insecure about themselves, saying they're not worth anything in the world, you're worth everything. In your eyes, you might not see it. But in everyone else's eyes, you're perfect just the way you are," says Ward. 
And maybe Ward, who wants to be an actress, will be standing right where Miss North Dakota is one day, walking proud and shining like a star.

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