High School Students Graduate to Next Level

Several hundred students will perform as part of UND Honor Band and Choir

They're high school students now but they may have just graduated to the next level.
That's because about 350 students throughout North Dakota and Minnesota have been selected for UND's annual honor band and choir.

"It's just really fun to be there. It's an honor to be there," says Williston high school senior Emily Morenski. 


That's how Morenski describes the distinction of being named to the UND Honor Choir for the third year. High school students from around the region audition for UND faculty for the opportunity to work hands-on with college professors. Students like Morenski will be in good company. Only those considered to be the best of the best are selected.


"All of the kids that are there really want to be there because they went to all the work to audition for this festival as well. So it's really a fun opportunity for these kids," says Katie Rooke, Williston High School choir director. 


Once on campus, students will spend two days in intense rehearsals before performing a concert for close to 2,000 people.


"I hope that they see that I'm just a remarkable singer and that I plan to go places in the future," says Xachious Shriver, a first-time participant in the UND honor choir.


A lot of places, in fact.  Shriver plans to audition for the television show The Voice next month and then head to Australia for college. 
The experience with the faculty at UND could prepare him for what lies ahead.
"It's challenging," explains Morenski.  "Because [UND faculty] are used to working with their kids. They're so used to working with kids that are more advanced and older and mature."
But with a little fine tuning, the students are well on their way to getting to the next level. Whether it be performing at a college level or for a national audience.
Rehearsals for the festival begin next Friday. 

The concert will be held at 1:30pm on Sunday, January 22nd on the UND campus. 



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