Female Soccer Player Kicks It Up a Notch With Football Team

"At my old high school, I hated football. I hated the team at the high school I was at. So I never imagined being on a football team," says Abigail Martin, a high school junior and kicker with the Williston Coyotes football team. 
While it wasn't something she envisioned herself doing, Martin is kicking for the Williston Coyotes varsity and junior varsity football teams. The soccer player may have never even considered it if it weren't for a little push.
"She was actually kicking a soccer ball. And I noticed how she was kicking and I thought maybe I can translate that over to the football field. And she she sure did. Very well," says Andrew Mock, the Coyotes head football coach. 
Williston High School is without a soccer team so Martin decided to give football a shot. But just as she herself never imagined playing the sport, others weren't quite sure what to think at first.
"Starting out, no one would talk to me because no one knew why I was there," says Martin. 
But now her teammates are starting to warm up to her.
"More and more guys each day are starting to talk to me because they're more comfortable around me," says Martin. 
They're also impressed by her efforts on the field. 
"She's seen as another player and everyone respects her for coming out and doing what she does," says Dylan Evans, defensive tackle and defensive end for the Coyotes. 
And while she may have needed a little push at first, Martin now plans to do what she does for the rest of her high school career. She says she'll stick with football even if the school forms a soccer team. 
"I'll probably still stick with them. Because I'd just be a senior and might as well," says Marin. 
It's full speed ahead for Martin and her teammates.
According to the North Dakota High School Activities Association-- there were more than 4000 high school football players in the state last year.
19 of them-- female.
The numbers for this year aren't in yet, but you can count Martin among them. 

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