CHI Health At Home Hospice Program in Williston In Need of Critical Funds

The program is hoping to raise $150,000 in 2 months


"Love surrounded her. Love showed up and sat next to her . Love healed our broken hearts. Love walked in when Karen came into our home," says LeeAnn Clark. 


Clark's mother Juanita, who was diagnosed with lung cancer, spent six week in hospice care before she passed on to what her daughter calls a "new adventure." But in the weeks before she embarked on that new journey, her daughter feels confident she was in good care.



"I have no doubt in my mind to be a nurse is to be an angel. But to be a nurse that goes into homes where people are losing the most important parts of their life. You're doing God's work," says Clark. 


Angel is among the words used to describe the hospice staff in cards and letters posted on this wall of appreciation. But while there may be no shortage of love and encouragement for CHI Health at Home Hospice in Williston, the program is short on money. The program recently cut staff and they're concerned without the critical funds they need, the program could be eliminated altogether.


"It could be very real that that happens," says Karen Bercier, the program's director. 


Bercier has worked in hospice care for the past seven years. But she says you have to survive to be able to serve and with a $150,000 shortfall, the hospice care program's survival is questionable.


"My dad was on hospice. I've had several extended family members that were on hospice. And I just think if that wasn't there for their comfort....", says Bercier. 


Clark is grateful the support was there for her mom's comfort. She wears a necklace that her mother used to wear.


"Ram Dass has a quote that says we're all just walking each other home. And I believe with all of my heart that hospice, our nurses Karen, Trina, they just helped us walk our loved ones home," says Clark. 


Home and on to a new adventure.


If you are interested in making a donation, you can mail or drop one off at CHI Health at Home Hospice located at 1301 15th Ave W in Williston, ND 58801.





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