Chainsaw Artist Carves Path, Makes Name For Himself

Working on trees is hardly new for David Belling, whose family ran a tree service company when he was young. 

"Grew up doing tree work with my dad and uncle. Been doing it since I was in the second grade. They had me out there working every summer," says Belling. 

But when he was a teenager, he found a new purpose in working with trees-
making the wood his canvas and turning the trees into works of art. 

"I hope my work is the centerpiece of many conversations to come," says Belling. 

Those conversation pieces are sprouting up in yards across North Dakota, including in Williston where Belling completed his largest sculpture to date. 

His current piece? A memorial to those who lost their lives in the Las Vegas mass shooting.
The couple who commissioned it were there that night.

"I wish I didn't have to do memorials of such a sad ordeal like that. But I like when I can do work that's got more meaning to it, you know," says Belling. 

On the tree, the words "Country Strong". The phrase is a reminder that people can come together even in the most tragic of times.

And perhaps Belling's work serves as a reminder too-

That beauty can be found in our own backyards.

Belling says the first week of December he'll be carving his first ice sculpture in Tioga. You can find him on Facebook as Chainsaw Dave. 

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