University students make efforts to recycle on campus

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Three words that Minot State students want their university to live by.

"Recycling is something that is neglected in the Minot area so we thought it'd be important to help change that," said Tyler Boettcher a student at Minot State.

The first step is to start on campus then in the future starting a community wide initiative.

"Step one is to just get the word out there, get people talking about recycling and stuff like that because as soon as people start talking about it and start wanting it things are going to start happening," said Alex Osvold a student at Minot State.

This is why he's attending Minot State's first recycling drive ever.

"Collecting plastics and aluminum and paper," said Boettcher.

All in an effort to make it easier for students to come and drop off their recyclables.

I've lived in Minot my whole life and I don't think I've seen any recycling," said Osvold.

"For me being from Canada it's kinda like second nature to recycle so I do it but the kids that didn't grow up recycling they don't really recycle much around here," said Matthew Kreutz a student at Minot State.

Students tell me that each building at the university is equip with only one set of recycling bins all located down stairs most of the time.

"I remember in high school they would always have blue bins for paper and then for plastic and then at Minot State it's one little garbage can for everything," said Austin Fiest a student at Minot State.

These university students want change

"I know that Minot doesn't have a recycling program and I think they should really invest in that other than some other things they've been doing," said Fiest.

For now, these students will start small but those three words

"Reduce, reuse, recycle," said Kreutz.

Are words they are not taking lightly. 

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