The New Tax Code and How it Affects North Dakotans

In December, Congress passed a brand new tax code. With it, many of us have already seen changes in our paychecks. Some companies have even given employees bonuses because corporate taxes were reduced. 

The biggest change will be seen in about a year when you go to file your 2018 taxes. 

Have you had the chance to read the hundreds of page that outline the new tax code? Most of us haven't, but KX News reporter Malique Rankin did. She's working to see if the new tax code helps, or hurts most North Dakotans.

What you can and can't itemize is about to change, we look at why the standard deduction will save you time, and money.

Tune in to KX News Thursday, February 8th for KX News at 6 to see how this will affect your bottom line.

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