World Giraffe Day

Long necks, brown spots, and purple tongues ... it's time to celebrate World Giraffe Day
Roosevelt Zoo invited everyone to come out and learn more about the Giraffes.
Guests were able to feed the Giraffes and pet their noses.
They could also dye their tongues purple like the animals and build enrichment activities for the Giraffes to play with.
"I think they run so fast, that no predators can grab -get them." said Anja Chloe Gasevic, Zoo Guest.
"Giraffe's tongues are purple because when -you know how high those trees are? When they eat the leaves, their tongue is purple so their tongue won't get sunburned." said Reese Decoteau, Zoo Guest.
All of the money raised at the event went towards the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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