Working out this New Year

With a new year comes new goals, and a popular one this time of year is fitness. 

"This has been the busiest day," said gym member Jeff Lueke.

I'm just starting again this new year," said gym member Betty Lewis. 

"The great thing of the start of a New Year is it kind of resets your mind set on what you want to see out of the year coming up," said SOS Image personal trainer Jason West. 

In his experience as personal trainer West says almost every ones fitness New Year's resolution falls through in the first quarter of the year.

"Out of a hundred I would say maybe 10 of those 100 hundred people keep their resolutions," said West. 

His number one tip to keep going is to create realistic habits. 

"We're creatures of habit so if you could do something within in your day that you know you're going to complete everyday that's what I would recommend to somebody not just come in here and go I'm going to work out for and hour and a half everyday," said West. 

Hitting the weights is just one aspect of working out, West says nutrition is key.

"Coming in here and getting some work in in 30 minutes to and hour is the easy part the other 23 hours when you leave the gym is the hard part," said West. 

Gomez: There's two ways you can keep your fitness news years resolution you can either come do it on your own or as this gentlemen behind me says,

 "It's a lot easier if you have a trainer because their going to help you keep going, you're going to make an appointment and you gotta show up," said Lueke. 

and hopefully show up all year long.

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