Women leaders wanted

In North Dakota, less than 19 percent of lawmakers are women and local women are not satisfied with this statistic.

It's a hot topic all over the nation.

"As a woman it's really necessary for me to step it up and to know what I'm getting myself involved in and to know what I'm going to face when I do advocate for myself and for my community," said Minot resident Jaimee Leibfried.

Statistics say that not enough women hold leadership positions.

"It's kind of sad that in 2017 we're still having this conversation," said Alderman Lisa Olsen.

On a local level the Minot city council and Ward county commission each only have one female member.

"I know that across the city in different levels of government we basically have one woman elected in each one of those areas and I think that a woman's perspective needs to be heard and considered," said Olsen.

It's the same thing in Bismarck, Williston, and Dickson, and this is why this group of woman met to discuss how to change those numbers.

"Politics is really a community event it's not something that people need to be separate from," said Leibfried.

Especially women.

"What I hope to learn is the path that they took as well as how I can use their story to motivate my story and other peoples story's to get them to see that it's not scary," said Leibfried.

and it all starts with a discussion.

Community members in Minot plan to host more informative events on how woman can become more involved in leadership roles, click here for more information.


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