What to keep in your car; a winter-time reminder

Minot, ND - Despite the slight warm up this week, it's still important that you keep your vehicle up to the winter-time standards.

KX News went to Mac's Hardware to find the five best items a person should have in their car this time of year.

Those things include: winter clothing: gloves, hat, boots, snow pants/coveralls, a shovel, booster cables, tow rope or strap, hand and feet warmers.

Always remember to have a half to a full tank of gas at all times, and having things like candles and matches certainly don't hurt either.

Also a bag of sand or tub of kitty litter can help to weigh your car down for traction and will also come in handy if you need to throw some under the tires.

Of course the more items you have in the case of an emergency, the better off you are, but these will definitely help you out in any time of need.

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