Wellness Wednesday: Indoor tennis can keep you active in the colder months

Minot, ND - If you're looking to stay active this winter, look no further than the Cameron Indoor Tennis Center.

"One, two, three. Excellent!"

Marc White can teach a lot about tennis in a short amount of time.

That's thanks to his tennis pro skills, but also thanks to the new Billie Jean King Eye Coach.

"Seven out of 10 shots in tennis are mis-hits. So now we have a chance to work on keeping the head still and work on balance at the same time," White explained.

The Eye Coach is used for advanced and beginner students to work on point of contact training.

White says the eye is a critical component to improve in any sport.

"Most players, as they get ready to hit the ball, their head shifts," he said.

"So they move, they mis-hit, and their balance is thrown off."

So this seemingly-simple contraption can make a big difference.

"Look at that! Instant imrpovement."

But there's more to tennis than meets the eye.

White said, "tennis isn't just tennis."

White incorporates jump rope for cardio, medicine ball training for core strength that will improve your forehand, and even throws around a football to help with serving.

"Between the stretching, jump rope, core training, that's going to make your tennis - going to take it over the top. Keep you healthy, keep you fit. Like I always like to say, it's tennis for the health of it," said white.

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