Warriors on the Water

Warriors on the Water is a group dedicated to helping military members to get out on the lake.

"The vets -especially the younger ones that are still active duty- they're not from North Dakota, they're sent here. So they don't know exactly what species we fish for, or how to fish for them, so we can teach them that. Give them an extra weekend activity to come out and relieve some stress and feel like a part of the community." said Steven Alexander, Captain.

The Captains volunteer their time, their boats, and their supplies for the warriors to use.

"My whole family's been military. And my wife is retired Air Force. All of my friends here are military. So to give back to the community and to the vets is something that I can't pass up." said Alexander.

Whether you're fishing for dinner or for the photo-op, it's been a great season out on the water.

"Van Hook is really good. Especially this year: the higher waters, the amount of bait fish, the smelt that was in the -in the water over the -the winter. It's been a place -a hot place for fishing for the last few months." said Alexander.

Many look forward to the event all year long.

"You can't find a better -really a better thing to do in the summer in North Dakota, than to fish and enjoy the wide open spaces, and the fresh air, and fellowship of the veterans, and then also the thrill of bringing fish in." said Bill Christen, Veteran.

They say "You catch the least, when the wind is out of the East, and you catch the best when the wind is out of the West." Unfortunately, we had an eastern wind today, so I didn't catch anything, but there's always next time.

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