Warm Weather Brings Visitors to TRNP

"I was here a few weeks ago and there was still quite a bit of snow. I had my muck boots on, hiking through snow drifts."

She's quite the trooper.

She's been coming since she was a little girl, taking photographs of horses is a way for her to find peace.

"It's kind of where I was raised and grew up at it's all familiar territory," Wychoff said. "I just love being a lone here in the middle of no where."

There's sill still enough snow here at Theodore Roosevelt National Park to make snow ball.

But, just as much fun as that sounds, people will take 50 degrees over 20 any day.

"There's not as much snow, and it's just great out here and the weather is perfect, it's nice and sunny; no clouds or anything."

Fee manager at the National Park Alex Rechlin says things are starting to pick up

"We've definitely seen an uptick in our visitation this past weekend," Rechlin said. "We were working busy at the desk with people coming out to see the park now that things are starting to melt off."

Rechlin says with it being President's Day, not only can you visit for free, but it's a great way to honor one of North Dakota's heroes in Teddy Roosevelt.

And with sun being out and snow melting, it's probably the best time to do that because you never know what the weather is going to be like in North Dakota.

Park officials say they saw one of their lowest number of visitors one day last month with three coming to the park, but with the weather that looks like it's going to change.

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