Visit Minot looking for revenue opportunities

Minot's convention and visitors bureau - known as Visit Minot - is proposing a food and beverage tax to produce more revenue.

Visit Minot's income has fallen from 1.1 million annually to less than 450,000 dollars.

With an economic shift of more than 50 percent, Minot's convention and visitors bureau is exploring other revenue possibilities.

"The most item that we think will be the easiest to implement and raise probably the most funds is a food and beverage tax of one percent," said Visit Minot president Joel Fiest.

Visit Minot speculates that this revenue should generate up to 900,000 to 1 million dollars

"Which would be a dramatic increase for us to have in order to help fund some of these events that we're trying to attract in the city of Minot," said Fiest.

Visit Minot provides information for travelers passing through-
and also bids on events to attract more tourism into town.

"That really goes beyond people staying in rooms but it also generates revenue for the restaurants and shopping," said Visit Minot executive director Phyllis Burkhard.

In the past most of their revenue came from lodging and rental car taxes,but it's no longer providing enough.

We spoke to local restaurant and bars owners about their thoughts on the 1 percent tax possibility.

"Putting more burden on the customer or guest we're never in favor of but we're also open minded as the food and beverage community about different ideas to bring to the table," said local bar owner Michael Miller.

He was neither for it nor against it.

"I think as a community we're pretty excited to see what they're bringing to the table and we can go from there," said Miller.

Visit Minot has a committee planning to present a proposal to city council possibly by December--  the city council will then decide whether or not to put the tax in place.


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