Veteran Is Serving Other Veterans

Paying it forward can be done in the simplest way.

The word serve can have many meanings.

For example, Jim Almond used to serve in the air force.

"You learn it and you live it," said Jim Almond, Air Force Veteran.

When he left the air force, it wasn't the end for him giving back.

"Being able to talk to them, that's really important," said Almond.

He's spending his time serving food his fellow veterans.

"It just brightens everybody's day, not only you receiving it but also giving it too," said Almond.

He says that he hopes a veteran would take his place in the future.

"I love serving my country," said Damir Styles, Minot Air Force Base.

Damir Styles, is currently serving in the air force, but is already paying it forward.

"It gives me a lot of pride in a sense that I'm helping out the people that I'm directly reflecting over my country as a whole," said Styles.

"You guys bring the whole squad here or what," asked Almond.

"It's always nice to be recognized over the years for things you've done in the past," said Matt Klein, Veteran.

"It's like a brotherhood," said Almond.

"It's nice to have the people think of us," said Roger Rau, Navy Veteran.

"I respect him a lot for that," said Damir.

To Serve.

It can mean a lot.

"There's a lot of friendships that can from it," said Almond.

And it can make a positive difference in many people's lives.

Veterans and their families were each served a hot meal to honor them.

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