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Vallely Sport and Marine A Total Loss After Fire

Minot, ND - An early morning fire broke out at Vallely Sport and Marine in Minot this morning.

Crews were on scene for hours.

Becky Farr has the story.

(Tim Vallely/General Manager, Vallely Sport & Marine) "It's devastating, at our busiest time of the year, it's terrible."

Smoke billowed across a main artery of the city Friday morning, from a fire that resulted in a total loss for Tim Vallely's family business.

(Vallely) "I can't believe it. I've been here since three this morning and I thought we were going to be able to save the building but the fire spread and now it's come through the whole building it doesn't look like we're going to be able to save any of it, so."

The fire started in the service area toward the back of the building around 2:30 AM and quickly spread.

(John Krill/Minot Fire Battalion Chief) "As businesses grow, it's a good thing, they'll tend to add on and add on. Each time they add on it's a different section of a building and in this case it made it more difficult for us to get to the fire just because it was broken up into different areas. There will be areas where heating and ventiliation will go through the building and it allowed the fire to travel from the back shop all the way up to the front." 

Flames burning in concealed spaces kept fire crews from entering the building and reaching hot spots.

(Krill) "It was a big fire, a lot of heat. As you can see it looks like we did a great job of putting it out but unfortunately on the inside there's quite extensive fire damage. It was just a tough fire to get to."

As for Vallely Sport and Marine, 

(Vallely) "We've got plans we're working on already. Where we go from here I guess we'll know in the next couple of days."

Vallely said the business will get up and running at a remote location and get to work on repairing any damaged units.


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